John (pennell) wrote,

hey everyone. ahhhhhhhh i had the best birthday ever. thanks to all my peops who texted, called, etc. and special thanks to noam for making it the most memorable birthday ever just for being with me. haha ok so i got up early and my parents had gone and gotten me breakfast from chic-fil-a. yum. then i got to school and in almost every class they sang to me. well in a couple. that was cool. then i went over to noams house and i got my present. love them both. then we went to my house and my family and i and noam went shopping for a camera. i got one. a super sweet one. if i find a picture of it ill post it. oh and nan its not the one i showed you. its better, has more features. its a cannon. yeah cannon. but anyway then we went out to eat at fuddruckers. which i love. i liked not going somewhere nice this year. it was a change. then me and noam came back here and hung out then i exercised my power as a 17 year old and drover her home at 7!!!!! haha and now im just updating. delaying starting on my research paper thats due tomorrow.



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