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ok so i had my beta club induction tonight. that was boring. noam was a fellow inductant. then i went out to eat with my mom and my brother to monterreys. gotta love mexicans and their food. ok only the second one. then we had to go to bilo it was fun. well bc me and my brother discovered how funny we are together. lol enjoy...i look like a dog in some of these.

this is the one where i look like a tall skinny chichauchua i think thats how you spell it

i told my bro to do something gangsta, and well he did.

haha i told my bro to do something sexy and well, this is a fifth grader's idea of sexy. its blurred bc i couldnt stop laughing and shaking.

hahahahhahahahhahahaha i cant stop laughing. and its stupid but hey, live life up while you still have it

were so stupid

here i am being dumb

here i am acting all sexified

i dont remember what he was trying to do there

you can see something disgusting in my teeth. sorry. ill try to brush better.

my bro is a thug. straight up dont mess with this nigga.

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