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ive seen in her a smoky room, the smell of wine and cheap perfume...

i guess its really true that sometimes you just dont see things coming. i never saw this so happy. like so incredibly happy. but i dont think its hit me that she is leaving. june 30th. thats not that long away...i mean its a good half a year away...but...still. but 6 months is all we can give eachother, we should just accept it. correction, i should just accept it. lol. im not heart is smiling though.

i cant wait for college. ive totally checked out of high school..i have 2 papers due tomorrow and im currently listening to journey and updating my lj. now im listening to ace of base...that makes me incredibly stupid. haha.

so...i cant even think of who all that im friends with on lj...but i want the world to know...i am dating noam. thats what the first paragraph is about. but shhh!!! dont tell my parents bc they wouldnt want me to get involved with someone who is leaving. yeah...theyre weird. but anyway...we got back together on the 20th which ironically was our anniversary the first time.

ok enough personal crap. tonight we're having a traditional new year's day dinner...since its new year years and all. lol. my family is usually behind. but yeah...minus the pork...yuck. so i think this year will good...lots of goodbyes though...some of them i cant wait for..others i could live ten lifes and never be ready for.

ok i have to go eat supper and then start my ap lit paperS due bright and early tomorrow morning...this is me totally screwed. ha. in several ways ;)
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